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Tarot Card Reading For March 2023

Let’s start the month of March the magical combination of sun signs and tarot cards. This mystic pairing will give you a sneak peek of what’s in store for you; let the intuition of the cards draw you in and show you the way.

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Tarot Card Reading for March 2023

Tarot Card Reading for Pisces: Ten of Pentacles

Dear Pisces, with the onset of the Piscean season, it's ideal for you to use this time to process, heal, release, and recharge. You will notice that you will be getting a lot of attention from people around you, it's time for you to switch your style and upgrade your wardrobe. Experiment with a few looks and introduce something edgy and funky even, don’t let the fear of judgement ruin the joy of self-exploration and discovery. Do the things you fear the most and you will be filled with a sense of fulfilment and freedom. Career: Your colleagues and your seniors will have very useful information for you, it might not be what you want to hear but you will benefit from some constructive feedback. If you are looking for a new job, you might have to wait a few more months to get an offer that would be lucrative for you. Love: Love might be blind but you will need to acknowledge any red flags that might be calling for your attention. Being in love and smitten by your bae is natural, you do need to keep one foot firmly on the ground as well. If your friends or family warn you about your patterns, lend an ear and reflect.

Tarot Card Reading for Aries: The Fool

Your stars seem to be giving you the signs to take on more, you are ready and more than equipped to do so, put yourself out there. Seek more adventure, deeper conversations and more meaningful relationships, let your vibe attract all the positivity and abundance into your life this March. You have the cosmic advantage of attracting the best ideas and will execute them with ease and confidence. As you enter this new season, you will feel a whole lot more adventurous, what’s on your vision board that you would like to manifest? You can start to put those wheels in motion this March, you can achieve anything you put your attention to. Simply plan and make it happen. Career: If you have been working like a hamster on the wheel, you will need to take a breather before you run out of breath. You will need to remind yourself and the people around you that even rest is productive. Take time to re-prioritize and work in some time to just stare at the sky. Don’t make your life all about work and deadlines, live a little. Love: You might not feel like it right now but you will need to trust the universe and let go of a person or a relationship that might be working for you for a while now. The energy on the tarot card urges you to release yourself and move on to better opportunities. Let your hurt heal you and show you the way forward, clinging isn’t healthy or helpful.

Tarot Card Reading for Taurus: The Devil

Dear Bulls, you might like it but you do need to hear it- if something that you have tried for so long has not been going your way, it's time to give it up and try something new. Divert your energies to a direction where you would feel a lot more rewarded, you might feel like you had wasted a lot of time but you will need to be shrewd about this and make the move. It’s not about quitting or giving up, it’s about maximizing your returns. Lean into the process, give yourself permission to start over and don’t worry too much about what people around you are going to think or say.

Career: Your way of thinking or problem-solving would be challenged at work this month. Take them on and don’t shy away from the test. You will be victorious and better still you will be able to overcome obstacles to earn the rewards you deserve. Once you prove your way of thinking, you will get credit and recognition for the same.

Love: You and your beloved may be drifting apart and it might be happening for a while now if you want to change that you will need to be the one who makes plans, takes the action and changes the energy of this relationship. Your stars will show you the way and help you to come up with creative and romantic ideas to woo your way back to each other.

Tarot Card Reading for Gemini: Strength

This March is packed with a lot of ups and downs, thankfully your sign is known for its adaptability. This Pisces season will help you reconnect and revive old friendships and connections that you have been missing or craving to re-establish. You will be gifted with career foresight and creative abilities, while your stars urge you to expand your horizons through travel and education this month. Career: Break the habit of being stuck in the background and not taking credit for your work and your ideas, you might miss out on all the rewards that would be coming your way. Have faith in your skills and promote yourself from time to time, network and be seen and heard in the right circles. It’s as important to be known for the hard work that you are doing. Love: If single and looking for love, this month isn’t the time to push. Your crush or your love interest is just not ready to take the next step, so back off and don't try any passive-aggressive tricks that you might have up your sleeve. You'd be better off getting very, very specific about exactly what you are looking for in a relationship. The time will come when you will meet someone.

Tarot Card Reading for Cancer: Judgement

You will need to understand the importance and relevance of positive self-talk, irrespective of how people around you perceive your success or your achievements, you need to look at yourself as successful for you to be more confident and move on to the next level. Speak your desires and stand for things you want from others in your life, timely reminders will help people take note of your needs as well. If you don't express it, people will not have the time or the patience to take things into consideration. Career: There will be a lot of power dynamics at play this March. You might be called to pick sides or to tell on someone, it's best to be professional and silent at this point in time. If you are looking for a job, you will have more than one option on the table and you will be able to pick and choose an option that would fit your needs. Love: You will be experiencing the opposite-attract kind of energy when it comes to love, this month, dear Crabs. Though the heart wants what it wants, you still have to make decisions that give you a sense of security, will this love last?

Tarot Card Reading for Leo: Queen of Swords

Happier, more magnetic, optimistic and ready to soak up the sun. That’s March in a capsule for you dear Lions, you do know things aren’t perfect but the month comes along with the endless potential to move forward and upward. Pen down your thoughts, or better still start a blog or a TikTok account to voice your journey and make it more aspirational for others. You are a force to reckon with and soon the world will start noticing. You will have an element of lady luck or even the woman in your life would help you willingly this month. The past few months if you have been waiting patiently for wealth or new opportunities, the tide will turn in your favour very soon.

Career: The way of the wise lies in knowing which battle is worth fighting and which are the ones that you would need to let go. Thanks to your stars and your planetary position you will be in a better position to handle these situations and you will even display a sense of immense maturity like never before. Love: Be more vulnerable and more transparent when it comes to your love life this March. Even though things might look a bit messy and unclear, trust your partner to help you through and gain some clarity and peace. Turn to each other for comfort and build a bond that would help each other achieve the highest version of yourselves.

Tarot Card Reading for Virgo: Ace of Swords

This March, lay your weapons and surrender to the plans that the universe has in store for you dear Virgo. Walk into live, heart first this month, others might not see the value of living an authentic and heart-led life but do not double-guess yourself or wait for public opinion to turn in your favour. If you see the value in something, it does not have to make sense to everyone around you, you just have to believe in yourself and your intuition to make things happen for yourself. Career: Dear Virgo, this month will be the month to face the music at work. Even if you are working to your personal best and you are meeting your targets, your team might be lacking. You will have to take one for the team, together you might help figure out a way to be more productive. Love: When it comes to love, remember that you have placed a very tall order and you will have to give your stars and the universe time to fulfil this order. As you wait, work on yourself and see what it is you can do when you attract the relationship of your dreams.up sensitive topics, do not push too hard for answers.

Tarot Card Reading for Libra: Page of Cups

Libra indulge the poet in you this month, immerse yourself in the arts and soak up some culture. Be it visiting your local museum, art shows or a quick getaway to a quaint little retreat filled with history and architecture. Treat yourself to something that fills you with awe and inspires you to bring out your creative side. March is here to remind you that life isn’t just about endless to-do lists or chasing one goalpost after the next. Keep your energy open and allow yourself to let the universe woo you with its wonders and its gifts. Career: Take double shots of espresso or whatever your poison is, as work would get extremely hectic and even stressful this March. Taking work home or pulling late nights might become the norm, take care of your health and try to maintain a work-life balance whenever possible. It's advisable to lay low and let the month pass by, and switch to survivor mode. Love: Are you feeling melancholic or jaded when it comes to your love life? This month you will need to do some healing and releasing and finally allow yourself to come to terms with your past disappointments, people and memories. You need to keep your heart chakra light in order to move forward. Whether you are attracting a new relationship in your life or working on strengthening an existing one.

Tarot Card Reading for Virgo: The Justice

Make a promise to yourself this New Year, a pinky pact if you will to take on life’s challenges in bite-size pieces. Choose just one or two goals you want to achieve and focus all your energy on getting these things done. When it comes to money, you can expect to come into a sudden windfall. It might be a small amount but it can be enough to help build an investment portfolio. When it comes to your health, especially the second half of the year, stay in the moment and, pay careful attention to how you are feeling, the more attentive you are you will be able to heal your body.

Career: When it comes to your career this year, your view might be a bit myopic, you will need to take off your rose-tinted glasses and you will need a backup plan for times when your grand schemes might not reach your projections. You might be in danger of burnout this year as you might lose sight of how much of yourself you are pouring into your work.

Love: Are you preoccupied with fear and doubts about your significant other? On the surface, things might be going very well but what is of the most paramount importance is keeping your head on straight. Remember to not let romance get routine, mix it up with spur-of-moment date nights, candlelight dinners or a decadent weekend away. You will have to fight to keep your relationship alive.

Tarot Card Reading for Scorpio: Eight of Wands

You might start this month with the energy to jet-start things from the first hour of the first day of March. You will find that you have no reason or excuse to procrastinate in any department of your life. Go ahead and hit go and you will find the energy and the willpower to move forward. Start small, accomplish the tasks at hand and build on momentum and confidence to achieve the bigger picture. Prioritize your tasks and don’t forget that where there’s a will, you will always find a way. Career: Are you feeling a bit lost in your career lately? Do you feel that no matter how much you are trying you aren't able to move forward or see growth for yourself? Your company or your team would be going through a lot of stagnation and not investing in their growth strategy as much as they should be. Have an honest chat and see if you can see yourself being with the company for the next few years, if you feel you don't see a future then it's time to work on your resume. Love: The courage to open up to love and the passion to own one’s desires, of all the zodiac signs you love with all your heart and once hurt you will never forgive. Go easy on your partner, just because they don't show the same intensity it does not mean that they don’t have feelings for you. If single, you would be getting a lot of interesting glances.

Tarot Card Reading for Sagittarius: Six of Cups

As the adventurer sign of the Zodiac, the energy on the tarot cards suggest that you might feel a bit homesick this March. Home might be a place, a person or even a feeling that you might be missing. Talk to childhood friends or even indulge in a childhood hobby or two, this would nourish and feed your soul. It might just be what the doctor ordered. This month is the time to let your imagination run wild and get crazy ambitious. Get intuitive and set intentions to bring your visions to life. Career: No matter how badly you might feel you want it but you will have to put your foot down and turn down opportunities or projects that no longer align with your goals. Brutally, choose the one thing that you will need to focus on and then go ahead and give it your undivided attention, you will surprise yourself and others with the results that you would achieve. Love: You might find that someone has been silently orbiting around you and might actually sum up the courage to speak to you. Even if you aren’t interested or committed, be kind and considerate. If you are attached and eager to start a family, now is the time to start planning and you will pick names for the baby by the end of the year.

Tarot Card Reading for Aquarius: Three of Pentacles

Cringe or swoon, but this March you will feel like a pit bull all ready to charge ahead. The energy on the tarot card pushes you to be driven, ambitious, and action-oriented. You might even head into things without much planning or forethought. It might prove to be good at times but you will need to get back to the basics and give planning its due diligence. This month you will also be blessed with the Midas touch, everything you touch will be turned to gold. You will be able to identify and manage your wealth by investing wisely for the long term, make the most of this abundant energy and have a chat with your investment manager. Career: What do you want from your career and more specifically from your company? What does your company want from you- more leadership skills? More strategic thinking or more commitment? Are both these wants and desires on the same page? If you are aligned then working for a common goal can make going to work a lot more happier and progressive. Love: No matter how true your love might be or how genuine your feelings for each other are, you need transparency and honesty when it comes to financial matters - money can break even the strongest of ties. There will be a lot of power struggles in the relationship and it will make one of you feel very bitter about the partnership.

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