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Tarot Card Reading For November 2021

Let’s start the month of November the magical combination of sun signs and tarot cards. This mystic pairing will give you a sneak peek of what’s in store for you; let the intuition of the cards draw you in and show you the way.

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Tarot Card Reading for Nov 2021

Scorpio Tarot Card of the Month - Page of Swords

Take a break, take stock, try to take in as different or varied perspectives as possible and finally do your research before you take a step or decide on your course of action this month. Whether you choose to be practical or whimsical, remember that you cannot people everyone in your life all the time. You can choose to rock the boat if you like but you don’t have to capsize it, go with what makes you feel good and happy. People around you will eventually come around and be accept your choices.

Career: Are you feeling a bit stagnated in your career, do you feel that you are trying to reach greater heights and unable to take the leap? There might be a lot of unconscious blocks, it might be that you don’t feel inspired or challenged. Don’t surround yourself with colleagues or friends who are overly critical, they might not pick up on the smallest of things that might annoy you.

Love: If you are single, consider whether you are feeling trapped or even bored and hence you are looking for companionship or whether you truly want to invite someone to share your life with. Take some time to think it over and see what stands true for you.

Sagittarius Tarot Card of the Month - The Hermit

What does self-care look like to you? Is it a bubble bath, indulging in a piece of cake or investing in a routine for yourself? Once you have defined your idea of self-care then you can seek out a relaxed environment where you can actually hear yourself think. Make a plan and more importantly a commitment to yourself to stick with your goal and to see things through. Financially, you will hunt down passive sources of income and grow your bank balance.

Career: If you have been on the fence about a particular job or project, your tarot card for the month suggests that you will have ample opportunities to make up your mind and go ahead and make a decision.

Love: Love should not be a guessing game, if you are in a relationship make sure you are there for the good, the bad and even the ugly. If you feel this kind of love isn’t your cup of tea, you will owe it to your partner to be honest about it. Single? You would be tempted to tip your toes into the pool of online dating but will be left feeling lost and disillusioned about the options available.

Capricorn Tarot Card of the Month - Seven of Wands

You could find yourself in a lot of awkward situations this November, dear Capricorn. On one hand, if you don’t speak your mind, you might feel a bit stifled but do remember that not everyone is ready for a dose of honesty. You might also feel very unmotivated this month, allow yourself to slack for a bit till you are ready to pick yourself up and take part in the game again. There is no need to hurry to get to the finish line, things will happen when they are meant to happen.

Career: Don’t lash out if you are feeling insecure about your progress or if anyone was to offer critical feedback, don’t take things too personally and see if what’s being said would help improve the work. At times, taking one for the team might mean that you let go of your ego and do what benefits the team.

Love: November will be a month of reaching your state of equilibrium with your partner. You will need to put in both time and effort to make things happen and for you to enjoy stability in the relationship. If single, friends with benefits might bring in a whole lot of complications and trouble later on, you might end up being the third wheel in the partnership.

Aquarius Tarot Card of the Month - Four of Swords

Detox and downsize, treat November as a month of spring cleaning, prepare to welcome the New Year on a clean slate. Your stars are aligned in a way to make you act with haste. Go easy and if you must say goodbye, do it with compassion—even if you're done for good. It’s better not to burn any bridges, you would feel better about it later. If you feel like you are stuck in limbo, shake things up a little by infusing a bit of creative energy, take up an art session or even a poetry writing class.

Career: If you want to run around like a headless chicken and rush to do all the work yourself, you might never give anyone else in the team a chance to showcase their skills and you will land up being overworked. Learn to delegate and trust that quality work will be done, you can guide people along but you will need to give people space to grow and make mistakes.

Love: Here’s an honest question for you- exactly how ‘over it’ are you regarding your ex? On a scale of 1 to 10, if your answer is 15, you better sit out the next few months on the dating game. If committed or married, look into planning something nice for your partner.

Pisces Tarot Card of the Month - The Magician

Get ready to end the year with a healthy dose of fairy dust, sprinkle it or share the glitter, the world needs all the positivity. The tarot card shows that with your confidence and self-esteem, conquering anything will be possible. Get ready to make a big splash in the deep end of the ocean, as long as you are clear and honest to the universe about your dreams and desires, your stars have you covered in the luck department. An open heart and mind will guide you on this successful journey.

Career: Power struggles and misunderstandings can plaque your progress this month, you might feel like a pawn in this corporate game. It need not become a dog eat dog world, but also take care that your kindness is not taken mistaken for your weakness.

Love: How much of an effort are you willing to put into your marriage? If you aren’t working to make things better, the relationship will not automatically fix itself. This November makes your partnership and each other your priority and go that extra mile for each other. If single, you might meet someone interesting online but do be mindful of scammers and posers.

Aries Tarot Card of the Month - Six of Cups

You are fiercely independent and you may find it more efficient to do things your way and be answerable to your own standards. November will be the month to take some time off your solo trails and work on getting some group energy, be it through family, colleagues or friends. You will need to have confidence in your tribe or your team, trust that they have your back. Collaborating with powerful leaders won’t be a thorn in your side but a source of comfort and joy. You will ease into the role of a dynamic connector, be it for business or love connections.

Career: Your boss or co-worker could get on your last nerve or really test your patience, this November at work dear Aries. They might be unreasonably and expect you to burn the candle on both ends, you can be firm without being rude or arrogant.

Love: When it comes to your love life, this month you would be hosting and attending lots of small parties, the chances of meeting someone who would catch your fancy. You will need to tread carefully, as a harmless attraction can lead to a deadly affair. At times, your partner needs to feel wanted or even rescued, play the knight in shining amour and scoop in to take charge of your mate.

Taurus Tarot Card of the Month - The Emperor

Taurans, you will be feeling a bit torn and conflicted as to whether you want the ‘right thing’ or the convenient thing. November is definitely the time to play by the rules and to use down-to-earth, normal, traditional ways to handle your problems and your money. Reaching out or seeking bankers or professional money managers help will prove to be helpful. This month will be a good time for investments, provided they are conservative and stable.

Career: When you juggle for too long or try to balance too many things at one time, you should know that you are bound to drop the ball sooner than later. Try to prioritise and schedule for things that are important or crucial to be done or handled first. Take a break away from work if you feel it can help you fair better at your job.

Love: Are you stuck in the rut of your routine? You may be getting weary of the same-old same-old in relationships and may have a longing to step outside of your usual and accepted roles and routines. Get creative and find ways to get the excitement back into your partnership.

Gemini Tarot Card of the Month - Ten of Swords

Mixed messages, seniors trying to manipulate or friends trying to win favours, a lot seems to be happening this November dear Gemini. You will need to think not twice but even thrice before taking any major life decisions this month, a word of advice from the cards- let your intuition lead the way. Don’t be pressurised to think that you are out of time or options, you will have ample of both at your disposal. Take it slow if that feels right, it’ll happen all the same.

Career: This month, it is back to work and back to business for you, focus your energy and your priority on your career and it will bring you success and happiness. Travel plans and possibilities will bring in overseas deals and open up your business to a whole new world of opportunities.

Love: What’s stopping you from attracting your ideal mate? If you are single and feel like you are ready to find love again, consider what kind of a relationship are you looking for? Think it through first before you go out and mingle or mindlessly swipe right. If committed, your partnership will reach a new level of understanding and commitment.

Cancer Tarot Card of the Month - Three of Pentacles

Take a pause, this busy November and sincerely ask yourself what would you do or be with a little extra confidence? Let’s say just 5% extra confidence, would you be drawing out plans for your startup? Put yourself more out there? Or work on getting that coveted job or promotion? It's definitely the month to find the courage to live or work towards making your wildest dreams happen, your stars will find you the opportunity and purpose.

Career: You could be having a steady stream of ideas and solutions that would impress everyone around you. You will enjoy the support and the encouragement of your seniors and teammates alike. Be ready to power up like never before and enjoy the admiration coming your way.

Love: If married, there seems to be magic in the air for you couples, take that romantic trip together or the seven-course Michelin star dinner. You and your better half deserve all the pampering and indulgence. If you get any indications in the form of messages over social media from an ex, avoid temptation and trouble at any cost.

Leo Tarot Card of the Month - Ace of Cups

You will adopt a devil-may-care kind of attitude this November dear Leo, it could be the pandemic or the way year turned out for you but you seem to be all out to do things you way. This potent self-driven energy is great and exactly what the doctor ordered. If people around you are not too supportive or even surprised by you, don’t sweat too much over this, once you succeed in your vision, all will be forgotten or forgiven.

Career: You have walked the mile, worked hard, paid your dues and are almost at the finish line. The important thing is that you quit now, if you feel you need some much well-deserved rest and recuperation, go for it but come back with new zest and vigour. Things will work out very well for you and your plans would bear fruit pretty soon.

Love: Your spouse would help you face some uncomfortable facts about your personality or your relationship. Be honest with each other and this can help you get out of this much stronger and better. If single, don’t shy from going out and mingling but if you close yourself off because of fear, nothing will change. Open up. This will make all the difference.

Virgo Tarot Card of the Month - The King of Wands

How do you envision the remaining of the year to unfold? Do you want to kick up your heels and take it easy or do you want to have a final hustle? No matter what you decide, make sure that you tighten the strings on your purse. November will serve as a wake-up call about where you really ought to put your pocket change. You could also become a lot more realistic with your savings and investment portfolio.

Career: At work, remember that your reaction will always be within your control, no matter what is thrown your way. It is better to be patient and watch what you say or do than to regret it later. If you are looking for a new job, consider getting some new skill sets or even upgrading your current skillsets.

Love: When it comes to your love life, it seems like you will be looking for trouble almost, it would be the tone that you choose or the topic you want to talk about, but everything seems to land up into a fight. You might be clinging too tight or for too long to a relationship that just might not be working for you.

Libra Tarot Card of the Month - The Queen of Pentacles Reversed

The main theme for this November will be to not fight change, no matter how unsettling it might make you feel or how much you want to cling to the familiar or what might feel comfortable. If standing up or fighting for yourself is inevitable, fight fairly and don’t make it personal. Financial, if there is a downturn, know that it is unlikely to last beyond this month. Do your part, and all will be well. Don’t expect windfalls out of thin air.

Career: When it comes to work, you might not be giving yourself enough credit- are you aware of the market value for your talent and experience? If you aren’t, look around, talk to a mentor or a head hunter to get a clear picture. Don’t be fearful, just be very prudent about how, when, and where you make use of your unique skillset.

Love: When it comes to love relationships, you will always have the choice to make try to make it work or to walk away and call it quits. Make your decision wisely and take responsibility for your own actions, words and thoughts. There might be some workplace romance brewing for you.

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