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Do professional tarot card readers read tarot cards for themselves?


I had my first encounter with tarot cards nearly two decades ago and can confidently testify that tarot readings have evolved from being a divination tool tied to an illustrious European renaissance to an indispensable guiding light providing unparalleled support and clarity. Tarot continues to go through makeovers of all sorts - perception makeovers, developments in terms of available tarot decks and medium of practising tarot.

Despite an influx of theories and beliefs embedded in understanding tarot, its ability to be able to reflect an individual’s core expectations without causing any discomfort to their personal boundaries has largely contributed to reliance on tarot card readings.

Furthermore, this symbol-driven art of showing an insightful roadmap integrates with the purpose-driven outlook querents possess. Interestingly, tarot readers themselves are overwhelmed with the variety, ease of communication and respite that a tarot deck provides; it allows beginner and professional tarot readers to confide in the cards for personal use.

Why do tarot card readers read for themselves?

For instance, a reader may resort to the cards to seek an unbiased perspective into an impending decision. A number of factors influence a professional tarot card reader to conduct tarot readings for personal use - these could include: purpose of the reading, professional experience, intuition level, support tools used in a tarot reading and most importantly, trust and self-confidence as reading tarot for oneself is as daunting yet exciting as your very first experience interpreting the cards for a client.

Before we delve into giving context into the factors, it is essential to establish that tarot readers are as much open to seeking the guidance of their cards as their clients are - the major difference between tarot readers and their clients lies in having an in-depth understanding of tarot cards and moreover, their ability to form a strong connection with their tarot deck as readers constantly reinvent their practice methods to meet personal and client expectations.

There are numerous instances when a professional tarot card reader would require a reading. Although the purpose of the reading largely varies, it boils down to what a tarot reader is hoping to get out of the reading. For example, if the reader has a question or two, they would seek insights from a spread they have devised or a fairly well-known tarot spread that would address the questions in a concise way.

It is not uncommon for a professional tarot card reader to read in the company of a known person for a well-rounded experience. Professional experience and intuition level are integral factors that come into play when a tarot card reader is seeking a detailed analysis.

The methods that tarot card readers use:

In order to articulate the cards’ message, a beginner tarot card reader would most probably incorporate a combination of free online tarot readings from websites and apps the reader deeply connects with; coupled with oracle and/or angel card readings as these type of decks hugely assist in showing the most suitable course of action after laying out facts and scenarios that a detailed tarot reading entails. In regard to seasoned tarot card readers - are generally inclined to be precious about inferences that they receive from readings that they conduct for personal use. To shed further light, highly experienced tarot card readers tend to self-read their cards using a strategic mix of a tailored procedure and support tools.

A mix of tarot spreads that have emerged from their practise and research in conjunction with support tools such as crystals, sage and essential oils among others significantly stimulate their experience with the cards and aid in seeking invaluable guidance. An experienced reader is primal about incorporating energy protection while carrying out a reading for oneself.

A commonly adopted technique I’ve been witnessing among budding and expert tarot readers is the act of integrating the traditional tarot decks with newer and more beginner-friendly decks that draw inferences from widely used tarot decks - I’m referring to psychic cards, oracle cards and angel cards.

While they might be interchangeably used, they are contrasting decks bound by fascinating symbols and colours. Psychic cards could replace traditional tarot decks as they offer concise insights and outcomes to professional readers who have a question or two on their mind. Oracle cards, on the other hand come in handy when a reader would like to decode a cosmic message - oracle cards are designed to instantly convey the message of the universe and are often drawn right after a detailed tarot reading. My top tip would be to discover your niche to best utilise your tarot and intuitional abilities.

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