An online tarot reading session is as accurate, intuitive and insightful as an in-person tarot card reading. Additionally, it's more convenient to get some guidance from the comfort of your own home. You can book a WhatApp video/audio, Skype, or phone tarot reading.

Is It As Accurate As An In-Person Session?

Online tarot card reading is just as effective and accurate as an in-person tarot session. You will get the same advantages and services as an in-person session right from the comfort of your bed or couch.

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The 1 hour session  will help address 8-10 questions and give you time to go deeper into your issues,  gain clarity, set intentions, identify areas for healing, and plan for the future.


This in-depth  tarot session gives you  an opportunity to  ask 4-5 questions, get clarity, tackle major issues, identify areas for healing, and plan for the future. The 30 minute online tarot reading session gives ample time for self-reflection and setting intentions.


An email tarot card reading is ideal for busy folks to gain clarity, set intentions, identify areas for healing, and plan for the future. You can send me 5 questions along with full name, DOB and photo of yourself to   Click here to read all about Email Tarot Card Reading.


Once you purchase a tarot card session, please email me to schedule the session.

All online tarot card readings are by appointment only. 

You can reschedule a confirmed online tarot session only once.

Please make sure you check with me for my availability if you have a specific date or time in mind.

I will try my best to accommodate same-day or last-minute sessions, but it is subjected to available slots.

Curious about what to expect during your online Tarot card reading? Scope out my Tarot FAQs. 

Got a question that isn’t covered? Ping me at and I’ll respond as speedily as I can.