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How Does Email Tarot Reading Work?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Email tarot card readings- the how, what and why, all you wanted to know about an online card reading.

If you’ve ever had a traditional tarot card reading done or if you’ve just seen it on TV, you are likely to have a certain image in your head. You may picture a fortune teller in flowing robes with tarot cards in a quiet, mystical room yet believe it or not, there are actually a number of other ways to receive an accurate tarot card reading such as an

I often receive questions such as “Don’t I need to be there to pick my tarot cards?” and “Is it accurate if i’m not there in person?”.

If you’ve considered consulting an accurate tarot card reader near you, don’t be afraid to go the online route. It’s possible to get a clear and accurate read. Email is no different than any other types of communication because your vibrational blueprint comes through loud and clear. While every tarot reader is different (and there’s no right or wrong!), knowing how an email tarot card reading session is conducted can help ease nerves and allow you to go for it.

Here’s how I do my only email tarot card readings:

1) Set up the mood

The biggest element to remember is that, for me, a tarot reading is no different whether I’m doing it in person or via email. I still need to set up the mood with hot herbal tea, a candle, and a serene setting. I typically look for a quiet corner or room to make sure that I can focus.

2) Do the reading with a timer

Now is the time for the reading itself. As I would with an in-person reading, I sit down quietly with the emailed questions and begin the reading with a timer. I find that the timer helps me maintain boundaries with my time and energy just as the timing of an in-person session would. I then connect with the energy of the client through the questions. This is one of the most crucial parts of the whole process and what prompts accuracy. Energy is energy and what a person is feeling at the time that they type their questions comes through to me — loud and clear. If you’re someone who is energy sensitive, you’ll know what I mean. After I take the time to connect with the energy, I’ll shuffle and draw the cards.

3) Type my findings

The final step is getting my findings and results back to you. What good is a tarot card reading if you never find out your results? To get the most accurate tarot card reading possible, I type a stream of non-stop messages. This allows me to get everything out all at once. Then, I re-read and edit to create a concise, accurate, summary of my reading. I hit the send button and your email tarot card reading results will be emailed to you.

If you’re looking for an accurate tarot card reader near you, look no further. Tarot Mamta is your one-stop shop for all things related to mediation, energising crystals, tarot card reading and more. Whether you’re in Singapore or not, all you have to do is reach out for a tarot card reading either online or via email. Read more here about how you can receive an accurate online session as well: How Do Online Tarot Card Reading Sessions Work?

Email Tarot Card Reading:

You can email me 5 questions and Tarot Mamta will send you the answers within 48 hours for you to gain clarity, set intentions, identify areas for healing and plan for the future for SGD $60.


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