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How Do Online Tarot Card Reading Sessions Work?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Technology and intuition, would it be able to go hand in hand or would it be chaos? Whether it’s paying your bills or looking for an ideal mate, we are going online, so why not a tarot reading session? It might seem a bit different or even feel unfamiliar and new but once you try an online tarot card reading session, you would be awed by its ease and convenience.

When it comes to an online tarot card reading session, there are broadly two kinds that seem to be available:

1) Computer Generated online tarot reading

2) Readers doing online tarot card readings

Let’s take a closer a closer look at both and see how each one works

1) Computer Generated online tarot reading

This is what greets you on many websites, it’s a computer-generated algorithm in which you feed in your basic information and get a basic answer to the question you have asked. While you may not get as clear directions as with an intuitive reader, it may sometimes help you find what you are looking for, you can over time develop your own connection to your intuition which is ultimately way more empowering because you can get your answers on your own.

A major flaw or drawback of this system is its little or limited user interaction, in case you want to clarify or ask more questions maybe it will not be able provide you specific answers. A lot depends on the software, you may be able to influence your online tarot readings in certain or different ways. It’s more often than not used as an email marketing tool to collect data and to grow email lists. But it is interesting, intriguing and definitely fun, so go on and give it a try it may or may not give you the answers you are looking for.

2) Readers doing online tarot reading

The main difference with a reader doing your readings online is definitely the interactivity, it’s human vs robot. It’s important to know what to expect from an online tarot reading and how it will be different from an in-person reading. Both can be helpful as they offer you different levels of insight.

I can honestly say transiting from face-to-face to online tarot card reading was a leap out of my comfort zone. Though I have been doing online readings for some time, 15-odd years. I am well aware of the challenges an online tarot session presents, firstly you are reading for complete strangers via Email, WhatApp or Skype. Secondly, there is no visible body language, facial expressions to read or emphatic energy tapping, this can be very intimating and would take a while for even seasoned readers to get accustomed to and to be able to conduct readings with confidence.

But believe me when I say that amazing things can happen when you trust your intuition, the gifts and blessings from the spiritual world are abundant. So, for any reader who wants to do online readings, just have faith, practice and start, soon the confidence will follow. It’s important to know what to expect from an online tarot reading and how it will be different from a person offering you a reading.

An online tarot session can help you see inside yourself and face your obstacles, it can show you what thought or behaviour patterns are blocking and limiting you. The more open you are to receiving the messages from the cards, the deeper you can go into the root of your problem and find solutions or answers.

The process of getting an online tarot reading is actually really simple and very convenient way to connect with your intuition or to get clarity.

Here is a list of questions I get asked often about online tarot reading:

What is the difference between an online tarot card reading and face to face tarot card reading?

It’s actually not that much different than having face-to-face tarot card readings. You just have to change your attitude and realize it’s a matter of perspective. But I do find that when I do online readings, it helps flex my intuitive muscles a lot more and it helps me get in touch with my intuition a lot more faster. In a way I do find myself depending a lot more on my gut, intuitiveness and my guardian angels.

Is it as accurate as an in-person session?

Online tarot card reading is just as effective and accurate as an in-person tarot sessions. Quite honestly, there’s no difference between Tarot reading in person and Online Tarot card reading. In person sessions, you would have to go to a professional tarot reader and in an online tarot session, you get the same advantages and service right in the comfort of your bed or couch. It all depends on what works for you and what would you prefer the most?

Does distance make a difference?

Reading tarot cards for someone right in front of you or through your phone or laptop should not really matter if the reader is experienced and sure of their intuition. Distance might be intimidating for new or inexperienced readers, check on how confident your reader is before you book an online session.

Can I get an online tarot reading anywhere?

At work, at home, while commuting, before or after a date, even in the middle of a meeting. There are many a times you would need some guidance or clarity and would not have the time to physically go down or meet your tarot reader. Nowadays, most places have wifi or a well connected through the internet, and most of us have access to the internet directly on our phone or laptop.

Who will shuffle the cards?

The tarot reader, in this case I will be shuffling and pick your card for you, based on the name and dob given. Once the cards are shuffled, cards are picked and read. All readers have their own way of conducting online tarot sessions, you will have to try and see who you are comfortable and what works for you.

Are there any details I need to provide?

Once you fix an appointment for your tarot reading session and make the payment. It would be a good thing to prepare a list of questions or topics you want clarity or answers for, you will need the full name, dob for yourself and anyone else you want to ask for (eg pet squeeze, husband, parents etc). If you have a photo of yourself and the people you want to ask for, it would be of help during the session.

What kind of questions can I ask for my next online session?

The way you would use tarot online or in-person is the same, I mean that you can ask any question for your online or in-person tarot session. If you want to go a bit more deeper with tarot, the questions that you can ask tarot need not always be about what will happen, what someone else feels or how to control someone. Instead you can ask questions that can empower you by helping you see how to create the best outcomes that can enable you to live your dreams, aligned with your higher purpose. Tarot can show you how to use your creative energy, passion, and positivity very effectively. Instead of trying to pull exact answers that we think we need, the tarot can help you get a fresh perspective on your situation and obstacles. The questions should be about how you can improve and not about what will or won’t happen because the future is not written in stone. Know more on what you can ask here

How do I pay for the online tarot reading session?

You can make a credit card payment online via Paypal or if you are based in Singapore, you can make a Paynow or Paylah to +6597499287.

How much is the online tarot reading session for?

The online tarot reading has a choice between two time slots that you can choose from $60(sgd) for 30mins and $120(sgd) for 60mins.

How do I decide which duration to go for?

Whether it’s your first time booking an online tarot card reading session or you have been a regular, if you want to tip your toes or have only a few questions, 3-4 questions then a 30min session should be sufficient. Anytime during or before the session if you feel you want to extend or top up another 30minutes or 1hour.

How do I fix an online tarot reading appointment?

You can fix an appointment here or email mamta@tarotinsingapore or call/whatsapp at +6597499287

How soon can I get an appointment?

I will try to accommodate and give you a tarot slot as soon as possible but same day appointments might be a bit difficult. You should be able to get a slot with me within 48hrs.

Is an email tarot session available?

Yes, email tarot sessions are also available, simply mail your questions with your full name and dob along with photos to

A few pointers before you book your next online tarot reading session:

Don’t fear online Tarot sessions

This ancient tool of divination was designed to help and aid seekers with answers and direction. It can be a leap of faith to trust a reader you find online but tarot readings for people you don’t see are the same readings you do for people who sit right across the table. The principle is the same. Do not let your fear stop you or hold you back.

An online tarot session comes with an added sense of privacy

If you don’t want anyone else to know that you consult readers or clairvoyants, then online tarot reading session will be your cup of tea. When you book an online tarot reader session, you enjoy 100% privacy because you will be contacting your tarot reader right from your home. You don’t need to go down to visit my office and worry about what others might think of you consulting a tarot reader. Though there is nothing wrong in seeking spiritual guidance, there is still some kind of social stigma that’s attached. You will be able to have video or audio one on one online sessions with me, right from the comfort of your home or office.

Online opens you to a world of choice

Firstly, you can have access to more than just your local tarot reader. Your tarot card reader can be in any part of the world when you use online services. You can compare prices and the experience of the various readers, read up on their reviews and take a well-informed decision of choosing your reader. This might be difficult to do offline, so if you are seeking to change your life or about to take a crucial decision, online tarot readings are there for you regardless of your budget, your schedule or where you live.

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