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What should you ask Tarot?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Beaded curtains, dark lit space, candles, incense or the smell of freshly burnt sage in the air, a black fluffy cat. This is a typically how you would expect a tarot card reader and a tarot card reading session to be, this is popularised and typecast in popular culture.

Though you would find a few of these things with tarot card readers but the dingy, spooky scene would be far from what you get. Now that we got this popular image of tarot card reading out of the way. Let’s look into what you can expect from your Tarot card reading session.

Tarot cards and a tarot card session can be impactful, insightful and potentially change your life, let me share my personal journey and how Tarot card reading shaped my life and my helped me take decisions with intuitive clarity. One of my biggest life decisions was whether to be a full-time tarot reader or to continue with my corporate job. I was used to the security of having a pay check at the end of the month and the thought of rocking the boat seemed silly and maybe unnecessary too.

Many clients ask me if I do reading for myself and yes, I do seek the cards for guidance. Let me share one such incidence. The way most people think to use the Tarot is not the way that will actually help them. It is about predicting if you will or won’t get a job, but it’s also about finding out if this job is helping you live and work to your highest potential. A tarot card reading session will also help co-create the best possible outcome, make you face the obstacles on the path and seeing the energy that is helping you or holding you back.

When it came to making my career choice, I asked family and friends for advice, a few thought that it was a stupid idea and warned against giving up a safe and sensible career. A few others suggested to take it up as a weekend or event kind of thing. Others reasoned that making ends meet would be a bit difficult on a tarot card reader’s earning.

All of them were advising or sharing their own experiences or fears of not following their passion. One evening as I was pondering over what everyone had told me, I was staring at my tarot deck and I thought why not pull a few cards for myself and see what’s really stopping me from being a full time tarot reader.

I asked two questions - First, “What is holding me back? And the second, “What should I focus on if I want to become a full time Tarot Card reader?” The answer to the first question was a combination of fear and judgement. Fear of failure, if I am not able to make it a success then will I be able to face the music? And I did not want people to Judge me as weirdo doing tarot or shun me socially or be weary of what I do for a living.

What showed up on the Tarot Cards was a revelation.

The second tarot spread asked that I needed to focus on taking the first step towards a life I wanted to build for myself. I needed to jump in head first and the faith would follow. I needed to listen to my heart and my intuitive and make the switch, the cards also suggested that I should be a full time tarot card reader that way I would be able to help more people and live my purpose.

Am so thankful I decided to face my fears and grateful that Tarot Cards guided me on the path of my true calling.

As I always tell my clients, the experience of tarot can only be as deep as you want it to be, always look at the big picture.

Here a few tarot FAQS

1) What do I need to do before a Reading?

​The key requisite for a good tarot session is clarity of questions. It would be ideal to come prepared with questions you want answered. I will help you phrase your questions to help you make the most of the session.

2)Apart from Reading what can I expect from the session?

Depending on what emerges in a session, I would suggest certain cures for the healing of a particular life situation.

3) Is Tarot evil or something to be fearful about?

Many people are sceptical or scared that they might hear something terrible they might not be ready or wanting to hear often. Fear comes in when you don’t understand or ain’t ready to discover, Tarot is simply a tool to give you the insight and advice you need to change your life for the better.

4) Can I book a session online?

Yes, you can book any session online via phone or Skype.

Is there any difference between an online tarot card reading session and an in-person tarot card reading session?

There is no difference in terms of accuracy of the tarot card reading or the pricing of the sessions.

5) Are tarot Cards and Oracle cards the same?

No, their structure and the format to read them is very difference. I offer only tarot card reading, to know all about their difference and similarities, read this blog post

6) Does Tarot cards predict the future?

Tarot cards, like any other means of divination, can be used to tap into the unconscious, where all the answers lie. Tarot card reading session reveals patterns of energy in the past or the present and gives you the opportunity to clarify your situation. Yes, you can look into the possible future with the Tarot cards, but remember nothing is cast in stone and your actions and intentions can influence the outcome.

7) Do you teach tarot?

Yes, I do love to share and teach my passion for tarot through 1-on-1 tarot classes, get all the information here

8) How do I pay for the sessions?

Paypal, PayNow, Paylah or bank transfers are accepted modes of payments

9)How much does a session cost and what's the duration?

30mins session for $60 and 60mins session for $120.

10) How do I book a session?

​You can call us at 97499287 or drop us a line at or buy an online tarot reading session here.

11) What are the working hours?

​Mon-Fri: 12pm - 8pm Sat and Sun: 1pm -6pm


A) Have an open mind. If you are skeptical, or full of doubt about the tarot cards, the tarot card reader it would be much harder to tap in and connect with your reading and the reader.

B) Don’t play the guessing game – ‘Can you tell me something about me, so that I can trust you’ Really? Would you go to your doctor and ask him to guess or figure out which body part hurts? So take your tarot session seriously and get something meaningful from your session.

C) Don’t be that stubborn person who keeps asking the same question in various ways, please do not try to ask the same question over and over. My cards and I tend to get cranky.

D) Do not play games. If you’re afraid of telling me too much or wanting to test how intuitive I am, then you would be wasting your money and my time. When you sign up for a tarot card reading session, make it worth both our while. Be open, specific with your questions and let the cards show you the way.

E) With tarot, you get to choose – are you going to hand over your power and be a victim, believing that you have no control over the future? Or, are you going to empower yourself, accept free will and personal responsibility, and become the creator of your future? Let an accurate and powerful tarot session show you the way

Still Struggling to decide what questions to ask? Here are some examples that could provide you with the inspiration you need

  • What can I do to find my soul mate?

  • Which of my personality traits are most likely to attract love?

  • What is preventing me achieving my full career potential?

  • What can I do to progress my career?

  • How can I create a life of wealth?

  • How can I create a life of health and happiness?


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