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What are tarot spells?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

The word spell conjures up an image of a spooky, dingy place, a big, black cauldron boiling with potions and a wrinkly old hag bent over chanting hocus pocus stuff. This visual has been popularised in many movies and TV series. Tarot spells is a feared and very misunderstood phenomenon. Historically, its practitioners were shamed and persecuted they were perceived to be too powerful, too threatening, too close to dismantling the status quo.

Tarot spells to add magic to you life

But Tarot spells or tarotcraft could not be further from the truth, tarot spells are a labour of love and intention, it’s less about control and more about connection. This craft is the work of the wise as it is the everyday practice of being humbled by the wonders and working of mother nature. It’s about finding meaning in the mundane and seeing magic in the mundane -like twigs growing through cracks or a shed hen’s feather. This special bond with nature makes you a keeper and a healer as you reconcile with the cycle of life and realize what is and is not in human hands. It is about gratitude and alignment, treading lightly and respectfully and only taking what you need.

How do tarotspells work?

Everyone has heard of them, many fear or stay away from them but only a few know what and how tarotspell works. It is an act of communion with the moon, sun, nature the powers beyond us, acknowledging our need for help, and partaking in a mutual relationship with things we cannot measure. It is comparable to a prayer, a ritualised one, the main purpose is to move energy, there is an energy shift on the inside. This work done internally can bring about noticeable changes on the outside.

Who is it for?

Whether it is to heal a broken heart, bag that promotion, launching your startup, get your dream job or the ever popular reuniting with an old flame. There are many reasons why people turn to tarotspells. First and foremost, I would encourage you to not feel guilty for your desires, instead be honest with yourself as to what it is you really want, because in the end whether you call it the law of attraction or tarotspell you are using your thoughts, energy, and action to get what you want. However I do believe in being wise about how you get what you want and I always recommend a tarot session to see what the energy of the situation holds and what sort of challenges you may be facing if you proceed.

Will I lose anything or sacrifice anything?

Your thoughts and power are precious tools, you have the use them to uplift, remember and protect and they shall never go to waste. As long as you are phasing your wish and desire for the greater good, you would not be sacrificing or losing anything. For eg, you have a store in a mall and a similar store appears in your vicinity, instead of wishing the other person to go out of business, just ask that the footfall of the mall increases, as a by-product you will see an increase in your billings too.

Will this harm anyone?

No, this is positive intent work and I believe in practicing intent and magic for the greatest good of all and with harm to no one. Tarotspells can help you manifest your dreams through the flow of energy, above all else this is a work of gratitude. It is rooted in the magnetic force of offering, offering fears, offering darkness, offering our strength and beings that guide us. Tarot spells are meant to help cleanse, heal, and prepare your personal energy field and to magnetize your aura for attracting the life you want. Whatever your goal may be it all has to start with a clean slate, balanced emotions, and above all self-love. Remember, spells are about becoming aware of what you are creating with your current attitudes and choices. While some situations are more difficult to change than others, every decision made and every action taken is an opportunity to create a new future.

To book a session or to know more about how tarot spells can help you, call 97499287


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