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How to connect with tarot cards

I am frequently asked about factors which could impact the accuracy of a tarot reading and whether the authenticity of a reading bears any connection to the querent as opposed to solely a tarot reader’s intuitive prowess to decode the cards’ message.

Notwithstanding the varying perspectives that influence a tarot session, I strongly believe that a seeker’s willingness to embrace guidance from a reader they’ve placed their trust in to seek counsel from, in conjunction with how a tarot card reader bonds with its deck(s) lends character to a reading.

This post will delve into how a budding and/or seasoned tarot reader can establish a more profound connection with its tarot deck by exploring ways to not only sync one’s energy with the cards but also regard their desired tarot deck as a mentor to propel your business goals.

A rule of thumb for connecting with tarot cards lies in knowing what each card means across different contexts, it's symbolism and classifying them into: Major Arcana, Suit and Court Cards. My entry-level tarot course is designed to gain a thorough grasp of card meanings and tutorials on tarot spells. Alternatively, getting started with a tarot deck that you feel most drawn to and performing a daily pull equally helps in getting to know your cards.

DIY readings transports readers into a fascinating yet introspective space - tarot readers tend to read for oneself; self-analysing tarot readings often lead to illuminating vested subconscious thoughts which can act as a breakthrough whilst inviting divination-backed guidance.

For instance, a combination of cards can reveal the pros and cons of accepting a job offer. It is recommended to maintain a journal to record observations and patterns that one can infer from cards.

It is imperative to have a harmonious relationship with your cards and invest time in ensuring they are charged, cleansed and meditated upon from time-to-time. Simple ways to nurture your relationship with the cards could include exposing them to sunlight, meditating upon a card that occurs to you in the form of a daily draw or during your study, introducing them to crystals and healing herbs that harness intuitive abilities, taking a cue from the moon phase to monitor how the cards reveal answers. Additionally, comparing and contrasting the same card that belongs to two different decks is likely to serve as an interesting reference point to compare and contrast motifs, colours and overall aesthetic.

Tarot has a multifaceted persona: it can serve as a guiding tool or a hobby for a demographic that believes in divination yet exercises proactiveness to work towards an ambition.

Charting business goals by channelising the vision of tarot cards can prove to be an effective measure towards comprehending what works for your business (or potential venture) by introspecting your strengths, examining target audience and being wary of elements that can trigger the execution of your commercial undertaking. You may either customise a tarot spread to merge prophecy with pre-existing research on your business plans or choose to go with a traditional tarot spread - working your way around tarot cards stimulates connection with the cards. The Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Spread is a blanket solution to further explore tarot cards, receive insightful inputs and enhance proficiency in tarot.

To further discuss how tarot could help you or to book a reading, feel welcomed to reach out : +65 9749 9287 or To stay in touch with our latest developments, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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