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Money Tarot Card Reading: What is it and how can it help you?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Money Tarot Card Reading by tarot mamta

Tarot is a multi-faceted practice which serves as an insightful roadmap that enables us to channelise the best version of ourselves. Although tarot readings span across a variety of topics; questions pertaining to relationships and finances have been witnessing an upward trend.

Accelerated growth in new and emerging business streams, exciting job opportunities together with a steam of digital business-oriented networking platforms have resulted in a fair percentage of working adults having a passive stream of income. Similarly, a segment of adults and young people are in the midst of consolidating career expectations against its financial offering and fringe benefits.

Money Tarot Card Reading: A money tarot reading is an extensive session that allows you to introspect finances and set your finance-related goals accordingly. The reading reveals tips on creating wealth, illuminates your strengths and aims to channelise your interests into a lucrative opportunity.

Money Tarot Card Reading is an intuitive tarot session that aims to identify and eliminate financial blocks; therefore, unlocking your financial potential - tarot remedies in the form of healing herbs and crystals; to name a few usually succeed a money tarot reading.

Opting for this money tarot reading involves a systematic unfolding of six interconnected aspects with an aim to embrace one’s desired financial target(s): Financial Basis, What you’re Looking at, Changes One can Make, How to Implement Changes, Monitoring Progress and Achieving Objectives.

The Money Tarot Reading is an actionable yet introspective process which delves into intricacies of analysing financial resources and opportunities; to bridge the gap between the present circumstances with that of (realistic)

monetary aspirations.

This tarot session is available in-person, online or via email. In the context of a session aimed at reconciling with financial goals alongside seeking guidance on investments,

here are a few suggested questions to consider:

1. What are the skills that I need to put into practise to overcome financial difficulties?

2. Should I invest in the recent business opportunity that has presented itself? If so, when can I reap the benefits of my investment? Alternatively, If not, how am I advised to invest this sum to yield productive gains?

3. How do I ask my boss for a pay raise?

4. I would like to have an insight on my financial situation over the course of the next six months.

5. I have been offered a job at Company X - do I see my salary increasing by 10% a year into my employment?

6. What kind of investments would give me the maximum/ safe returns?

Two key tips I would like to share, particularly for money-related readings would be to prepare a list of specific questions to best address your situation and immediate goals. Equally, being receptive to the cards’ guidance to materialise your ambition.

To book a reading, contact me on +65 9749 9287 or email: To stay in touch with our latest developments, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. To learn tarot, check out our courses.

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