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Tarot cards and the Moon: How are they connected?

Tarot presents a captivating yet esoteric perspective into situations we’re experiencing and infuses a divination-backed insight into events that are yet to unfold. The tarot has earned a badge of occultism, spirituality and moreover, is a purposeful method of fortune-telling owing to intricate symbolism embedded in a tarot deck.

Moon is used as a visual symbol on tarot cards

The significance of love on Valentine’s is akin to the influence of the moon in the practice of tarot. We see the constant presence of a moon in the major and minor arcana and are cognisant of its impact on astrology and behavioural patterns.

Ahead of Full Moon day, I will delve into how the moon contributes to the narrative of tarot readings, talk about the connection between full moon and tarot followed by my full moon ritual.

In this post, I will also be sharing a few constructs on the behaviour of tarot cards during various moon phases. Moon phases are synonymous with new beginnings, self-reflection and an element of mystery while tarot cards are a medium to seek answers that lie buried in the subconscious. The connection between moon and tarot is profound given the manner in which the two coexist.

Taot-card-reading-the moon-fortune-teller-near-me
The moon gives an insight into the person's health

The Moon card is an evocative yet crucial part of a tarot deck which awakens one’s understanding of ongoing and upcoming scenarios that is often concealed by an unintentional mind block.

For instance, when The Moon appears in a health reading - it is indicating the querent to draw attention towards the essence of good mental health that involves a thorough self-evaluation of recent events and dominant past occurrences.

Similarly, The Temperance, another fundamental card within major arcana, personifies the protagonist personality of the moon planet. We see similar instances in Eight of Cups and Two of Swords.

To gain a deeper context into how tarot blends with other occult sciences, refer to these personalised tarot courses. A significant percentage of professional tarot readers characterise full moon as a period of transformation. Equally, a full moon can allude to a culmination of incidents. Extensively using tarot cards during this moon phase helps seekers foster an emotional balance as the full moon period is inclined to stimulate spirituality and self-empowerment. During this phase, the cards focus on illuminating the relationship a seeker has with itself; depending upon the purpose of a session, tarot cards would draw inferences from varying situations.

Full moon readings are aimed at unlocking potential and preparing oneself for emerging opportunities that are a by-product of channelising intuition and discovering self-worth.

Full moon tarot rituals are an inherent component of my practice that I use during professional and personal readings. For a professional reading, I use supporting full moon tarot spreads which would justify the client’s purpose.

Owing to a fulfilling experience that full moon tarot readings are usually tied to, I charge and cleanse my tarot decks accordingly. In order to organically release an influx of energies that the cards have interacted with - I expose the cards to moonlight after a series of sessions during full moon stage.

Another form of cleansing that I highly resonate with includes sprinkling sea salt on my deck with crystals like clear quartz and amethyst in close proximity; this is followed by a 10-minute meditation to charge the deck. Perspectives and answers to some of the most compelling questions lie in tarot cards - when consulted with a purposeful intention, the cards work towards bringing out the best version of oneself during a phase of contrasting changes that one may undergo at different junctures.

To book your slot ahead of Full Moon, get in touch today - +65 9749 9287 or email:

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