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Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Class via Zoom

Updated: May 23, 2020

A tarot reading is not just confined to cards, spreads and candles coupled with an insightful Q&A with a visual fortune teller. Tarot is an indispensable tool to decode parameters that otherwise seem like challenges faced. Online tarot reading slots can be booked here.

Tarot readings are designed to navigate through the challenges posed by indispensable aspects:

Finances/Money, Business or Career, Relationships, Health and Spirituality. Moreover, the cards are a roadmap of where life is heading and how challenges or road bumps are presenting itself in the guise of cosmic advice.

The thought of learning tarot online may seem like a far-fetched idea for anyone new to the subject let alone being acquainted with 78 cards that have different interpretations based on the context of the question. While this may seem daunting, tarot is very adaptive to one’s needs and can become an integral self-help tool for both beginners and experts alike.

Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Spread Zoom classes

This season, practice Yes/No/Maybe Tarot via Zoom - a short yet impactful online course by Mamta, a renowned tarot card reader. The course is catered to those who are keen to develop a new hobby that provides a fairly comprehensive overview on the outcome of a current situation or a glance into what a forthcoming event may lead to. Notwithstanding the mass appeal that yes, no and maybe readings possess, these readings have proven to be a foundation for presenting the gist of a situation and therefore, acting as a basis for moving forward. This course serves as a road map for executing a decision and more importantly, feeling confident about it.

The Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Course is an entry-level and essential step towards adopting an intuitive approach for major events and situations that occur. The course is designed to act as a tarot pocket dictionary or perhaps, a cheat sheet for unveiling the mystery looming around major circumstances and using it to your advantage.

Mamta’s Yes/No/Maybe tarot spread would allow results-driven readers like you to be empowered with a strong awareness of the current scenario before proceeding on taking action. The spread can become your go-to spreads as it provides her with a clear synopsis of the energies involved and the direction in which energies are flowing. The aim of the very straight-forward yet effective yes/no/maybe tarot spread is to discover an answer to your questions and identify the factors you need to incorporate to achieve your desired result.

For a fun-filled and enriching insight into life-defining moments such as: Should I take that job, Should I put my house on the market, Is he/she going to call me, Should I invest in this venture, Is marriage on the cards for us. While you hold the proprietary rights to your future, using the yes/no/maybe puts forth favourable aspects that currently work to your advantage alongside various challenges that may act as a hindrance in attaining your desired outcome.


1. Will I be able to learn how to read tarot without any prior knowledge?

Yes - you don’t need to have any background knowledge about tarot before learning how to read and interpret the cards. All you need is a positive attitude, a deck of tarot cards and enthusiasm for tarot.

2. What is the duration of this course?

Yes/No/Maybe Tarot is a 90mins interactive online course which is optimal for our attention span. Anything more or less would not retain the essence of the course.

3. Where will I be able to attend the tarot course?

You will be able to attend the tarot course via Zoom.

4. Will I need a tarot deck?

You will need a Rider Waite tarot deck for this course.

5. Will I get a tarot deck along with the course if I don’t have my own deck?

Yes. Once you confirm your payment, a deck will be mailed to you.

6. Can I use my own tarot deck?

You are welcome to use your own tarot deck as long as you have the 78 card Rider Waite tarot traditional deck.

7. Which tarot deck will be used in the class?

A Rider Waite tarot deck will be used in the class.

8. Can I become a professional tarot card reader after I finish the Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Course?

This course is aimed to serve as a starting point for using tarot as a self-help tool. If you would like to read tarot cards professionally, you will need to opt for the basic (online) tarot reading course.

9. Will I get notes on the course?

The notes will be emailed to you once the course has been completed. You are equally welcome to make your own notes during the course.

10. Will I get some time to practice with the tarot spread in the course?

Absolutely! This is an interactive course designed to practice what you’ve learnt and ask any questions you may have.

11. How much will this e-course cost?

SGD 150

12. How can I pay?

Payment will be via PayPal, Paynow, Paylah to (+65 97499287) or bank transfer.

13. My question isn’t answered here.

If you’re question hasn’t been answered here, please email us:

The global fortune telling landscape brims with an exciting mix of traditional and modern practices – Tarot, is an art of traditional beliefs that intermingles with modern complexities of living a dream. Evolving with rapid advancements in the digital age, tarot readings; a once strictly in-person practice has now earned a strong presence in cyberspace.

About Tarot Mamta

Mamta, a familiar name in Singapore’s tarot scene; is a highly sought-after tarot card reader with over 18 years of fortune telling experience under her belt. While her tryst with tarot stems from a gypsy woman; Mamta’s enthusiasm and love for tarot has grown with practise, time and a keen interest that she takes in guiding her clients to achieve (and surpass) their potential and getting to the root cause of obstacles. With her readings, she provides an avenue to work towards warding off challenges rather than living with one. Her international clients are a testimony to her online and email readings. Alongside conducting readings online, she also offers tarot courses via Zoom.


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