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DIY Energy Protection Guide for Tarot Card Readers

A tarot reading is a rewarding experience as we invest a lot of time in the quest of discovering what lies ahead or what to make of our current situation. Therefore, tarot

readings act as a comprehensive roadmap. But at times, readers and energy healers do sometimes walk away feeling completely drained after sessions.

Though they might walk into a sessions feeling energised and charged, this can happen to even the most resilient Tarot readers and healers. It could be a sign of opening our energies and unwittingly absorbing the clients’ energy. As intuitive readers, we need to be empathic and receptive to other people's energies. It raises the question on how to protect oneself from energy drain or from absorbing any kind of negative energy.

Over the course of the past two decades, I have incorporated the use of different tools for energy protection which I appropriately use before and after completing a tarot reading sessions.

Affirmation: I generally do set intentions with affirmations, you can set your own affirmation in your own words or look up protection affirmations. For beginner tarot card readers, I would suggest recording the state of mind and aura in a journal in order to reflect on it - to enable tarot readers to align with the mind and body. For a more habitual approach, recite the affirmation a few times a day as this would encourage a positive mindset during the course of a tarot card reading session.

“My inner voice and intuition guides me, as the universe protects me”

“ I absorb no negative energy. I bring harmony and grounding into my life.”

Helpful herbs: My personal favourite and all time go to herb has to be sage, burning sage or rosemary before a reading supports a reader’s energy chakras, and acts as wearing a protective talisman. You can cleanse yourself, tarot cards, your reading space or even your office before and after a session. This is the easiest and quickest way to restore and cleanse your energy.

Be in nature: There may be instances of being extremely overwhelmed by another person’s energy. In that case, a physical activity like a walk by the sea or a water body or yoga is deemed suitable. Similarly, a shower or a refreshing cup of tea would equally suffice.

Meditation and Grounding Crystals: Crystals are earth-based with the ability to streamline grounding, energy cleansing and self-protection. A reader’s intuition helps them get drawn to a particular crystal. The root chakra symbolises stability, security and grounding. To balance the root chakra, red and black crystals are used. The process of self-grounding begins with sitting in meditation with one of these stones in the receptive hand (left hand if right-handed and vice-versa). Sitting in meditation allows an individual to absorb the healing properties of the energy stone. Keeping the crystal under the pillow while sleeping or wearing the crystal in the form of a bracelet or pendant bears a soothing effect. To ensure that negative energy is absorbed, placing a clear quartz crystal by the reader’s side is a recommended practice. Meditation and crystals compliment each other to empower the body, mind and soul - shielding against physical and emotional negativity.

Other tools: While tarot is a reader-friendly spiritual guidance tool, a rapid influx of energies, thoughts and actions may affect the reader. A reader may like to explore the possibility of changing their tarot deck periodically, placing an energised clear quartz or amethyst and meditating on their pack of tarot cards - some decks tend to work well for readers while decks that display signs of succumbing to negative energies released during a reading are generally not suitable for a reader.

How to protect yourself from absorbing someone's energy

In summary, the secret to mastering self-protection lies in establishing personal boundaries, setting goals and objectives before and after tarot readings and introspecting on the combination of protection tools (crystals, affirmations, talismans, angel cards) that strikes a chord with tarot readers and energy healers.

I’m happy to talk further about how energy cleansing has elevated my practice as a tarot card reader and healer - drop me a note at: +65 97499287 or visit my website .


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