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Why didn’t my tarot card reading come true?

“Why didn’t my reading come true?” a rare question every professional tarot card reader has received at least once, including me. It is often asked as a hypothetical question or by someone that went to a different reader from me. It’s still a fair question and here a couple of scenerios or reasons why this may have happened.

The reasons are not as black and white as I wish it was. There are several factors why a predictive tarot reading doesn’t pan out. Read on to find out what they are most likely to list.

1) We hear and see things as we are, not as they are

As human beings we want to be sure of everything but at the same time we have selective attention. It’s more common than you’d think for people to hear what they want to hear and not what a reader actually said, especially under stressful situations. Even during the reading, people are taking what is being said and skew it to best their ideal scenario (yes, sometimes quite unconsciously).For those people that profess their reading didn’t come true, I urge them to take notes, ask more specific questions and ask for clearer answers or directions during the session. Different readers will always have a different approaches to how they deliver Tarot to you, but they would all want you to leave the session with clarity, armed with practical solutions. So all you have to do is listen, don’t hold back your questions and bring a notebook and pen.

2) Did you take action or put in the work for the outcome to happen?

You’d be surprised at how people think that just the act of getting a tarot card reading can change the pattern or the course of life. Well, I am here to break it to you, nope, that’s not how it works. Tarot works when you put in the work like anything in life.

Let me give you an example: If you ask a question about how to make money while pursing your passion. When we do a spread it will give you more than a cryptic yes or no, the tarot card spread will give you the things or people who can help, what’s the dangers or things to keep I mind, what you need to relook or take into consideration etc before the cards reveal the outcome.

If you take all the information and go back to clicking the next episode to your Netflix favourites one after another, it’s obviously not gonna work. You gotta want the outcome as badly as the tarot wants it for you, and be willing to put in the work.

Maybe it is time to consider how badly you want this outcome before binge-watching your favourite GOT or Stranger things? There will be a difference trust me.

3) If your action changes, you outcome will respond too

As I tell everyone during the session, if you change your perspective on the challenges you face, the outcome would also respond.

What do I mean? here is an example to put things into perspective : If you are undergoing a divorce or a breakup, and the tarot cards ask you to look at the situation without behaving or feeling like a victim. This does not mean your partner would change their mind (tarot isn’t about manipulation). If you were to change your thoughts and break the pattern of suffering and stop investing in your misery, then no matter what the outcome you would be able to make the best of it.

If you listen to what the tarot cards say and you took the small necessary steps to avoid or mitigate the circumstances surrounding the most likely outcome.

Afterall, If we didn’t have the power to change the future, why would we ever go get a tarot reading in the first place?

4) The reader was just not the right fit.

No matter how accurate or intuitive the reader or healer or physic, even the best of us has either an off day or are not meant to help you. There is also the matter of not every tarot card reader can read for everyone. There are some that downplay the idea that we’re not meant to read for everyone, but it’s absolutely true in certain cases. Something just doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make the reader or the client bad people, but together there is absolutely no gel.

5) Too many readers….

Ever got a tarot card reading or any other reading that you aren’t thrilling on the possible outcome?

Many a time, we are emotionally invested in a particular result (especially when it comes to love). No one likes to hear that they are not going to get what they want. Some of us go to great extents to hear the outcome we desire. When this happens, I have seen people collecting as many as 5-6 physic opinions don’t get me wrong, it’s good to get a second opinion but where do you draw the line before it gets to too many? Simple, don’t overdo it. Get a second opinion but if you are running from reader to reader to reader to get the answer you want – you risk getting only more confused and wasting a lot of time, energy and money. Remember the rule of thumb: one more opinion only. If it comes up the same, then it’s time to do a little inner work around the issue.

Sometimes it is a lot easier to be in denial and find ways to get the outcome you want. But don’t expect your tarot readings to come true.

6) You’re impatient for the outcome.

Timing is tricky in the tarot, but when someone says to me, “The predicted outcome has not come true” it could be a combination of did you do the work involved to make said outcome happen? And did you give the needed lead-time for the work you are doing to take effect.

7) Did you force or dictation the outcome

This goes out to all the pushy or sceptic clients who urge too hard to ask the same frigging question again and again in an aggressive attempt to get the answer they want. They want the reader and the tarot cards to just reassure or reiterate what they believe or what they ‘think' they know. Tarot doesn’t like that. Trust me. I’ve done that and the results were not pretty. Go into your readings with an open mind and accept your readings. If you only want to hear what you like maybe tarot card reading is not for you.

8) The reader was wrong.

Though we as readers, psychics try our best to open, intuitive and available, the truth of the matter is that fallibility goes hand-in-hand with being human, and even an esoteric person like a reader is bound to make mistakes or incorrectly interpret something. I’d be remiss to say it didn’t happen at all. Of course it does. We are only as human as you.

A few things to remember before you go for your next tarot card reading

A) A good tarot card reading results when the reader is connected to the energy of the person they are reading. When you are getting a reading, you know this connection is strong if what is being said makes sense to you or resonates deeply with you. Tarot card sessions can sometimes bring up uncomfortable or unwanted questions that you may not be able to or ready to face just as yet. So it is important to feel secure with your readings and your reader.

B) If you are taking your reading or spiritual guidance seriously and looking to have a meaningful Tarot card session then it’s important to find a reader that feels like a good fit for you personally. Just as you would research a life coach, business consultant or even stylist, apply the same ideology and research to your spiritual development. It’s a wonderful feeling when you come away from a reading knowing that you have plenty of resources, strengths and support. When inner and outer resources are revealed, empowerment emerges. Finding the best reader in town or the most experienced is in fact not as important as finding the right reader for you.

C) A good tarot reader will want to ask you questions throughout your reading and make it interactive. Does this make sense to you? Do you have older influential man around you? Are you over your ex? it also very important information to take with you to readings, or to tell your reader over email or phone. Let’s be clear - your happiness is ultimately your responsibility. Choose to look for positive things and hang out with cheerful and giving people, and you will find happiness coming your way.

D) Any time we are consulting the tarot cards or whatever form of divination, we must always remember that we create our own reality. Tarot can make us aware of potential problems down the road but it is still our personal responsibility to make conscious and positive decisions no matter what may seem to lie ahead. Tarot card reading is not magic to create a future for you, it is more of a guidance. And how you make use of these readings is determines your outcome.

In case you are wondering what to ask tarot, check the tarot FAQs


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