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How can tarot make 2020 your best year yet?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

How would you like 2020 to treat you? What would you like to do differently this #New #Year? What would you truly want to achieve and invite into your life? No matter what your aspirations, tarot card reading will show you the way.

The New Year Tarot Card Spread will empower you to work towards your aspirations by understanding your challenges and recognising your opportunities. This spread can guide you towards what needs your attention, the energies that are passing out of your life, what the New Year brings and most importantly, how to manifest energies, ideas, and vibrations to make 2020 the best year yet.

The session will give you with a personalised and detailed monthly breakdown of what’s in store, helping you to plan ahead and deal with potential issues as they arise, rather than having them take you by surprise.

Five ways on how the New Year tarot card spread can help you own 2020

1) What needs to stay in 2019?

Be it relationships, people, patterns, feelings or painful experiences- there are things that are meant to stay in your past. You will need to cut the karmic cords and truly let go of the things that don’t serve you any longer. This tarot spread show you what is it that you need to let go of to move forward.

2) Start 2020 right

Not all the conflicts in life come from external circumstances or people. Many a time its what’s happening on the inside, your state of mind or your own aura that attracts your challenges. Whatever the challenge, the cards will help understand the forces at play, and how you can manage them.

3) What needs to be the focus?

We start the year with resolutions and determination to keep up these resolutions. More often than not, we get caught up with day-to-day drama and lose sight of the bigger picture. This spread helps to keep you on track and pinpoint what energy you most need to tap into throughout the next twelve months to invite the best opportunities.

4) Make the year phenomenal

The New Year tarot spread allows you to have a deeper understanding of what 2020 has in store for you. While you may not have control over the things happening to or around you, you do have the ability to turn any negative situation into a positive one. Everything you need to fix your situation is within you, and the cards help you see the natural gifts you already have that will help you heal.

5) Empower yourself

Tarot is much more than fortune telling, the cards often ask us to see things with a different gaze with this shift in perspective comes clarity- a new way to see through the veil of self-doubt, pain, trauma and challenges. With a holistic view of your obstacles, this tarot new year spread will give you a solution for the best possible outcome. It’s not just about seeing the future, but also about helping you create a better future.

The New Year Tarot spread can be a powerful tool of manifestation that can help create a plan to bring abundance and joy in the year ahead.

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