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What are tarot processes?

Regardless of our age demographic, we’ve all got an evolving bucket list which stimulates our drive for manifesting sought-after ambitions. During my early days of decoding the cards, I wanted to commercialise my work - reading for close friends and course-mates felt fulfilling yet, I was eager to fully transition into a full-time

tarot card reader.

Tarot process

Fast-forward to around twenty years, I’m an experienced tarot card reader who equips my students with a foundational to advanced understanding of tarot cards alongside delivering readings for an international clientele online and in-person from my studio in Singapore.

My studies, two decades of experience in interpreting tarot cards, crystal healing and meditation sessions and tarot tutorials have compounded into The Tarot Process; a remedial course of action for any tarot readings that may have had a contrasting outcome than expected. For instance, a tarot reading may have revealed a prolonged duration between a conflict and a reconciliation with your lover.

In such a situation, The Tarot Process comes into play. It is a well-intentioned divination-influenced gesture that I would perform following a 30 or 60-minute tarot card reading with a client. Another feature of this process is its ability to transfer healing energies to a seeker regardless of their geographical location.

Securing a desired job, reconciling with a jilted lover, reeling from a breakup, establishing or expanding your venture and guided healing; Tarot Process is a powerful medium to embark on a mutual relationship with your short, mid and long-term plans using cosmic energies of the sun, moon and the five elements of the universe to align with your energy field.

Despite its preconceived notion that is clouded by lack of knowledge, this process embraces and acknowledges a welcoming change into one’s life whereby, an outcome is personified and therefore, ensures peace and tranquility.

The underlying purpose of Tarot Process lies in warding off perpetual fears such as fear of heights, darkness; a source of willpower, decluttering negative energy, starting afresh in order to attract the life you are seeking.

Here’s a concise three step guide on how to make the most out of this ritual:

  • Prepare a list of 3-5 questions - this will give you an idea of your focus areas and help you delve into aspects you would like counsel on.

  • Schedule a tarot reading to seek clarity and insights from your tarot reader

● Make notes during the session and ask your reader for an intervention to manifest your desires.

Tarot is largely a culmination of three different occult sciences, namely; astrology, numerology and symbols. Hence, by-products of this practice neither promote black magic nor support any form of malicious practices such as voodoo.

Tarot and its complementary methods including but not limited to crystals, candle

therapy; exist to divulge existing possibilities under a given circumstance and offer a way to manifest a life one has designed for themselves as tarot endorses free-will yet comprehensive guidance on daily issues that govern and fairly influence the way an individual chooses to live their life.

To further discuss how The Tarot Process could materialise your goals, WhatsApp: +65 9749 9287. To stay in touch with our latest developments, follow us on

Instagram and Facebook.

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