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It’s fair to remark that I’ve spent a significant part of my life shuffling tarot cards and equally safe to assume that a tarot deck is within my radius - my bond with The Tarot deepens with every session primarily due to guidance provided by tarot cards together with its ulterior motive to redefine one’s circumstances to their liking.

In this post, we will explore how to connect with your current, new and old tarot decks; I will also take you through some of the methods I use to charge and cleanse my tarot cards. If you’re purchasing a new tarot deck, you might want to neutralise any residual energies that your new or existing deck may have.

To ensure accurate readings, it is integral to have an after-care ritual for your cards as decluttering after a session is recommended for the reader and their cards. One of the main reasons that constitute the essence of cleansing and energising a tarot deck is nurturing a reader’s intuitive prowess.

This consists of an amalgamation of cosmic energies that can be derived from sage burning, crystals and candles - the key to mastering the art of tarot lies in drawing in positive energy which personifies growth and prosperity. My post-reading ritual consists of three processes: incorporating sage and herbs to ward off outside energies and induce healing properties into the cards; therefore, tuning my energies into the deck.

Secondly, introducing my cards to a combination of crystals like clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz - these healing stones foster intuitive abilities and help establish a profound connection with the cards.

Lastly, candle cleansing and affirmations. To elaborate, I integrate the use of handmade candles to purify cards and frequently chant positive affirmations to trigger my deck cleaning practice.

Although my post-session process is primarily centred around the aforementioned, I often practise the popular full moon deck clearing-energising rite. Full moon cleansing includes charging a tarot deck by either placing it under your pillow during full moon night or exposing your cards to the moon - whichever better coincides with your belief system.

The popularity of full moon and other moon-related tarot rituals stem from the intricate nature of how tarot cards are believed to guide throughout different moon phases. Unpacking a new tarot deck has been a subject of interest for as long as the tarot myth on getting your first deck gifted gained traction.

Simply put, it’s quite possible that your new tarot deck; regardless of whether it has been gifted to you or purchased by you, has exchanged energies. Therefore, it is advised to employ a protection ritual for this deck.

In case you would like to explore how tarot cards work and familiarise with it on a bare foundational level, check out my Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Class for absolute beginners - it includes a tarot deck and requires you to commit merely 90-minutes of your time.

In order to optimise your tarot card reading experience, focussing on the cards’ message, being cognisant to the underlying context of the session objectives along with exploring alternative ways to achieve your short and mid-term goals would put one on track to make every phase noteworthy. The power and guidance that tarot cards possess can be implemented on incentivising on your financial and emotional well-being.

Tarot is an in-depth practice that works towards materialising short, medium and long-term goals. Get in touch to seek guidance from the cards: +65 9749 9287 or email: To stay in touch with our latest developments, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. To learn tarot, check out our courses.

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