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How can a tarot relationship spread help me?

One of the biggest takeaways of my 19-year career as a tarot card reader is linked to the nature of questions that my clients and audience often ask the cards. Although the widely prevalent notion of asking the tarot anything one may deem noteworthy is true, this is punctuated with an advisory - formulating the right questions for your relationship reading as opposed to asking the right questions - your experience is very likely to reconcile with set expectations.

Love and relationships are central to our lives. We are a by-product of the relationships that cultivate a sense of belonging, nurture our perspective towards growing as a unit; together with mastering self-value in the midst of the various romantic, platonic, family and social relationships we lend ourselves a protagonist to. From a professional tarot reader’s standpoint, I would like to present three dominant factors that could help you further progress or draw upon your romantic relationships. Namely, phrasing questions based on your expectations coupled with objectives which you may seek to derive from a relationship and three ways to ensure your tarot reading directs you towards achieving desired results.

The tarot is an intuitive soul-searching tool in the true sense of the term - it decodes your aura and curbs existing inhibitions, guides you on love and its inter-related variations. During the course of a tarot session, the relationship between the cards and its seeker mirrors that of a mentor and its mentee. For a relationship-themed reading, one should ideally be able to relate to one of the categories: Seeking Love, Gaining Deeper Understanding of your Relationship and Self-Evaluation;the latter is aimed at helping you plan the next chapter of your romantic relationship - you may be single, committed or in the limbo about the idea of love.

If you are seeking love, a little help from the tarot on finding a compatible partner and your approach could prove to be helpful; in hindsight. You may want to factor the following questions: How do I work towards finding the right relationship? What are the challenges that I must overcome to make a (forthcoming) relationship work? When will I meet my potential love interest? Whether you would like to assess your relationship with your partner or delve into the immediate future of the relationship, these questions may cue you into consulting the tarot: What is our potential as long-term partners? Where is my relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse heading? Is there anything in our relationship that I should pay attention to?

Self-Evaluation is a rather broad concept. Bearing in mind the concept of a relationship reading, we will explore: How are my beliefs about love and relationships holding me back? Why do I tend to hold on to this (past) relationship? What are the former relationship mistakes should I introspect on? Once you have an idea of the questions you’d like to ask your reader, here are three handy tips to ensure a fulfilling tarot experience:

1. Make sure your questions are a blend of general and specific questions - general questions are welcomed and suitable for establishing context while specific questions lead you towards achieving session goals.

2. For a relationship reading, it is recommended to consult a professional tarot reader as an experienced tarot reader would be able to answer multilayered questions and be in a position to closely connect and interpret the symbols and messages of the cards with your questions. DIY tarot readings are suitable for one-card pulls as youare likely to have an interest and basic knowledge about tarot.

3. Welcome the guidance of the cards as the essence of a tarot reading is to provide a roadmap which you can alter according to your interests.

Relationship-based readings are a window to meeting our true-self combined with embracing flaws and strengths of the relationship. These tarot readings gear our awareness towards finding a potential partner -relationship readings command a systematic approach in terms of framing questions and setting expectations before a reading, undivided attention and willingness to be guided during a reading and a period of reflection after a session.

To uncover the secrets of your love life through tarot, get in touch via a call or WhatsApp on- +65 9749 9287 or email: To stay in touch with our latest developments, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. To learn tarot, check out our courses.

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Cheif Oduduwa
Cheif Oduduwa
Jul 05, 2021

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Cheif Oduduwa
Cheif Oduduwa
Jul 05, 2021
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