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How is Tarot connected with the Zodiac signs?

My teenage years and early twenties ignited an interest in the stars - like most teenage girls; at the time, I was both frantic and buzzing about what my zodiac horoscope of the day entails.

Zodiac signs and tarot

The level of enthusiasm I had for zodiac signs aged like wine when

I fatefully crossed paths with a gypsy lady upon rescuing her cat. Being a good samaritan progressed into entering the world of tarot. The bone of contention between the two lies in the manner in which they may be assigned; zodiac signs are characterised by date of birth while tarot cards factor the energies of a seeker, intuitive abilities of the reader, context of the situation coupled with circumstances influencing the same and guidance that vests authority in the querent to achieve a desired outcome. On the contrary, what marries the two practices is an inherent property of co-dependency that alleviates the client and reader’s experience.

My zodiac tarot predictions for May 2021 featured on Vanilla Luxury Singapore and my website could be used as a reference point to understand how your zodiac sign and the tarot card representing it has outlined opportunities and challenges the month is likely to invite.

Of the 22 major arcana cards, twelve cards lend its distinct meanings to corresponding sun signs. For instance, Sagittarius and The Temperance uniquely compliment each other. Those born under Sagittarius are usually seeking adventures in life, are known for their prowess as a trusted advisor to their friends and acquaintances alike. Moreover, a Sagittarius is known to command balance and control over their life which effectively translates into their ability to be a guide.

Suit cards are segregated into four elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Astrological signs that fall under these elements provide context for interpreting suit cards. Cups suit is associated with the water element which is tied to emotions, artistic abilities and relationships. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are ruled by the water element.

Court tarot cards are closely connected with the Zodiac

Court cards, a definitive feature of any 78-card tarot deck; are symbolic of male and female energies that add perspective to events on the verge of unfolding. All the 16- court cards have energies resonating with Zodiac Signs.

King of wands is corresponds to Leo, King of Cups resonates with Scorpio, as King of Swords resembles Libra and King of Pentacles. The Kings stand for strong-willed, leader, orator or action oriented men, who are mature and know what they want from life.

The Queen of wands resonates with Aries, Queen of cups symbolises with Cancer, Virgo represents the energy of Queen of pentacles, as the Queen of swords is line with Aquarius. Queen are the Mother archetype, known for their nurturing and intuitive abilities.

The Page of wands embodies Sagittarius, Page of cups is energetically connected to Pisces, Aquarius resonates with Page of swords and Page pentacles corresponds to Capricorn.

Knight of Swords embodies Gemini, Knight of Cups personifies Pisces, while Knight of Wands resonates with Sagittarius and The sign Taurus corresponds with the Knight of Pentacles. The Knights generally connote male energies suggestive of a rigorous approach one may be inclined to adapt - these cards mirror the fire element.

When you combine astrology with Tarot energies it provides even further energetic insights when giving a reading, so if you're familiar with astrological references then you can utilize it to give a more in-depth session.

Tarot is unarguably a vast subject that often takes years of study and practise to master; I’ve designed a basic tarot course that encapsulates how principles of zodiac signs, numerology and beginner-friendly tarot spreads - the course may not only confirm an interest in tarot but could also make for a creative side hustle.

To know how a tarot session would address your goals, get in touch today - +65 9749 9287 or email:

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