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How can herbs help heal?

In my 15-odd year of journey with tarot cards, I have experienced that crystals and herbs compliment and even aid in providing an in-depth tarot reading. Tarot cards and its associated mechanisms have a rich history that has aptly demonstrated the ability to act as a powerful reflective and intuitive tool for boosting one’s mental and emotional health.

How do herbs enhance a Tarot card reading?

Herbs! I was very fascinated by the fresh produce aisles at supermarkets and grocery stores in my neighbourhood; which not only aided my culinary interests but also triggered my growing enthusiasm for its holistic properties, the latter is a subject I bear familiarity with. Speaking of herbs, they are a gateway to truly connecting with your inner desires with or without the help of tarot cards - herbs are essentially a silver bullet; if used rationally; to being the secret ingredient for your signature chocolate chip cookies, an essential which helps maintain a healthy weight or that trick up your sleeve that helped ace a career defining interview. As we dive into how you could use a combination of herbs that add zest to your (lively) lifestyle and get a better grasp of your thoughts - we’re going to parallely talk about how solutions to seemingly complicated situations are well within reach.

Here are a few herbs you might want to try:

Herbs for wealth

Herbs for money: If most of your time is spent indoors, you’ve probably tried your hand at exploring new interests and have personalised your space. Yet, feel a sense of void without any rhyme or reason - incorporate mint; it supports clear thinking and makes for an effective skin cleanser. Interestingly, mint is also known to make way for wealth: carrying a few mint leaves in your wallet is a natural way to make peace while dealing with a cash crunch.

Herbs for well-being: Sage, is one of the most fascinating herbs; is mandatory for anyone who is looking for the perfect blend of calmness, good memory and easing emotional baggage - it's the heart chakra’s best friend. Sage possesses a plethora of healing properties for the mind, body and soul. Widely known as a spiritual herb, it releases blockages and stagnant energies. Sage leaves can either be kept in your pocket or sprinkled as a garnish on soups.

Herbs for love: A rather familiar and modern multi-purpose herb: Lavender, is primarily used for romantic emotions and feelings to flourish. To attract or stabilise your relationship, carry lavender with you or keep them under your pillow - lavender is meant to find the right partner for you, if you’re single. If you’re in a committed relationship, it plays a significant role in keeping the freshness intact.

Herbs for love

Herbs for positivity: There’s an unspoken aura surrounding basil - it welcomes positivity, besides being central to perfecting that exotic Italian salad, basil helps sharpen memory and eases the mind in order to curb overthinking. The best way to make this game-changing herb a part of your daily routine would be to consume two to three basil leaves every morning. Basil is also synonymous with wealth and prosperity.

Tarot and herbs

In my last blog article- ‘Death, Devil, Tower - why do these Tarot cards scare people?’ I had shared on how these cards can act as a word of caution, there are remedial measures in the form of herbs that tarot card readers are inclined to advise. For instance, in a health reading when The Tower card is pulled, drastic change is in sight. A corresponding herb can help embrace an impending change - Chamomile, is a medicinal herb that has shown strong evidence in terms of tackling stress and anxiety. Chamomile tea is a suggested beverage for helping with sleep and relaxation among other health benefits.

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