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How can tarot make 2024 your best year yet?

The Year of The Dragon is touted to be a unique year owing to the positivity it will bring in everyone’s life. In this post, you can expect to learn more about the keen interest many fortune tellers and people have towards 2024 and what this year will bring. An enriching tarot reading; The 2024 Tarot Spread, is an opportunity to reflect and gain insight into invaluable opportunities that present itself in the New Year.

How 2023 can be your best year with tarot

The New Year Tarot Card Spread is a tryst with tarot that unveils the life you’re meant to live as getting a tarot reading is more than picking a card that you’re usually drawn to. The tarot cards serve as a divination tool which provide guidance around how to best cope with things that occur on a day-to-day basis.

The tarot spread is curated to illuminate confidence and work towards your aspirations by understanding your challenges and manifesting energies that would make 2024 abundant with celebration.

This 45-minute session will give you a personalised monthly breakdown of what awaits, establishing a pre-prepared path that accounts for predictability and eliminates elements of surprise and shock. The logic behind the spread involves examining foreseen and unforeseen aspects of your life in the next 12 months unfolding.

How to make the most of 2024 through The 2024 Tarot card Spread:

Five ways on how the New Year tarot card spread can help you own 2024

1) Focus on Progressing

Painful experiences at the start of the new decade are meant to gracefully exit your life; paving way for newness together with realising goals sets you on a path to creating a personal breakthrough - you will need to release yourself from karmic cords in order to let go of circumstances that don’t exude positivity. The 2023 tarot spread will shed light on the path that shows you the way forward.

2) Begin 2024 on a high note

It’s nice to end Christmas (and 2023) with an affirmation - something that you feel empowered to pursue. Rebalance your aura with spiritual healing or meditation, seek guidance from the cards that give you access to the answers that are already within; a quick mind, body and soul check-in.

3) What needs to be the focus?

We begin the year with resolutions and gather determination to keep up with our set resolutions. More often than not, we get entangled with day-to-day drama and lose sight of the bigger picture. This spread helps to keep you on track and pinpoint what energy you most need to tap into throughout the next twelve months to invite the best opportunities.

4) Works towards fulfilment

Tarot is designed to lend insight into the deepest parts of oneself - it’s a message from your soul. During the course of your session, you will be at the hearing end of major revelations and significant figures in your life. The New Year Tarot Card Spread is an illuminating practice that will give an outline of manifesting the life you were born for.

5) Empower yourself

Tarot is much more than fortune telling, the cards often ask us to see things with a different gaze with this shift in perspective comes clarity- a new way to see through the veil of self-doubt, pain, trauma and challenges. With a holistic view of your obstacles, this tarot new year spread will give you a solution for the best possible outcome. It’s not just about seeing the future, but also about helping you create a better future.

To book your new year tarot session or unveil how your life would unfold over the course of the next few months, drop me a line: +65 9749 9287 or

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